In His Grip

God help me. I’m lost. I don’t know what to do. I’ve fallen away. My faith is slowly getting smaller. God I need you. I need your reaching arms to pull me back into your love. Remind me of all the joy you’ve given me. God please! I’m falling to pieces. I need you to glue me back together with your love. Help me not give up faith. Help me to keep shining and keep living for you God. Show me the way you want me to go. Let your Holy Spirit wash over me and fill me with your love. Show me oh Lord that your still here. I need a miracle. I need faith. I need you Lord. Help me shine, and be that bright star you want me to be. And share your love and mercy with the world to those who are clueless of who you are Lord! Bring me to that sense of no worry. Take these chains of my sin away! Oh precious beautiful God. Bring me back to you. Take me away from the sin, Satan, everything unGodly. All my surroundings that are untruthful God help me block them out. Take me in your grip and never let go! Hug me and hold me. Let me cry like a child. There is nothing that can stop me from loving you Lord. NOTHING. If our God is with us then what can stand against us? No one! God there is no greater love and there is no one else I belong to. Nothing will stand in my way when it comes to you Lord.


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