Love, love, love <3.



love your hair! I love my car! I love this necklace! I love this new shirt I just got. I love ice cream flavor! 

What else do you love?

As humans, we tend to throw the word love around a lot, kind of like it means nothing. You love this, you love that. The bible says to love your brother, your neighbor and you enemies. Do you love them just as much as you love those new jeans that fit perfectly? How about that new flat screen hanging on the wall at home? We shouldn’t . .  but we do. Why do we say we “love” everything. Do you really love that paint color? In our society today, love has lost its meaning. We’ve come to love the things of this world. Sometimes more than God, or at least that’s how we show it. 

When you’re with your group of friends and they bring up you’re favorite movie and they start talking about all the amazing details and actors in it what do you say? “I love that movie! I love that scene, I love that actor!” You’re with that same group of friends, although this time they bring up God. They talk about the bible story they learned at church and then which one they like the most. Notice when it comes to the bible, they say like not love. They like the story of Jesus at the well. You don’t stand up and say you Love it or that you Love God. The movie must be more important. We don’t think of this until we actually sit down and come to realization. So next time you say you love something, change it to like, then say no what I really love is God. Our Lord and Savior who sent his only son to die for us. 

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