Just Numbers.


Sitting in Algebra II 1st period on a Thursday morning, wishing I was home still sleeping, my teacher asks a simple question that catches my attention. “How many numbers are between two and three?” No one raises their hand, no one makes a single sound. Finally, after 30 seconds of awkward silence, the teacher says “An infinite amount. There are so many numbers you couldn’t count them in a lifetime. There are so many you wouldn’t even be able to count them in an infinite number of lifetimes.” Now as he goes on explaining the importance of knowing how to factor quadratics, my mind went to it’s only little world. I started to think “an infinite amount of number”. I was trying hard to grip this concept that isn’t always floating through our human minds. God has given us such an infinite amount of number, how miraculous is that? #1 without numbers, where would we be in our daily lives? We use numbers for everything, speed limits, phone numbers, codes, bible verses. #2 To know that someone knows every single number, and can count every single number is just a miracle.


I know what you’re thinking, “They’re just numbers.” Well, put it this way: there’s a device that just about everyone has, loves, and uses. It plays videos,movies, game consoles,you can even access internet from it sometimes. It’s a television. Where would the world be without television today? To know that God gave someone such an extreme idea for technology, and is still doing it today is just unbelievable. Now do you get i? The t.v. and numbers didn’t just come from no where.

We usually don’t take the time to think about these kind of things. Take this into consideration: God takes two people (a man and women; husband and wife), he takes their features, everything from size shoe, to looks, to certain habits and creates a child. Somehow, someway, God can take two people and form one that looks like both of them. Not just one, but both. Isn’t that miraculous? It’s hard to grip these miracles. Next time, think bout it. Weather you’re walking or using an electronic device. Know that you wouldn’t be able to walk or even breath if God wouldn’t have given the breathe of life to dust. We wouldn’t have all the technology we have today if God wouldn’t have planted the seed in the inventors head’s. Now I’m no genius, but that’s pretty miraculous.

I give a big thanks to Mr. Ricci and Tracy Vance for inspiring me to write this.

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