“Steal My Show”

As I was driving home from church this evening I was jammin’ out to 95.5 The Fish when “Steal my Show” came on by Toby Mac. I’ve heard this song at least 100 times, but I’ve always just thought he meant that God can take over his performance and do whatever he wants with it. I began to think about how sometimes we just get so caught up in our daily lives we just forget that God is even here with us to help us in sticky situations. We never consider that maybe we just need to let God “Steal our Show”.
We need to let God take control and handle things. I know its hard, but a good friend of mine once said “if anything is worth it, it’s going to be hard”. We cannot fight with God because ultimately we know he will win in the end. Listen to your heart not your mind. The devil will try to trick you through your mind, but God goes straight to your heart.
Pretend you have a jar of dirt, now someone comes and washes the dirt out and makes the jar look squeaky clean. Now pretend that your life is the jar of dirt; the dirt representing all the sin and darkness in your life. Let the person washing out your jar be Jesus and the water be the Holy Spirit. God will make you clean and pure by washing Away all your sins. Alls you have to do is let him steal YOUR show!

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