Future, here I come!

Have you ever been so excited about something you can’t sleep? Maybe a vacation you’re leaving for early the next day, or just a special day planned. I love that kind of excitement! Tonight I had a great awakening in my heart. God has assured me that all is good and that there are great things ahead for me! But here’s the thing.. He doesn’t just mean that to me, but for each and every one of you! He has an exciting path to take you down! An adventure that will blow your mind and help you grow in your love and faith for The Lord. Should you be worried about this adventure? Absolutely..
NOT! God has got it all under control. He will take care of it and meet your needs. God will provide! The bible says not to worry about tomorrow or the past, live in today. The present is your most crucial time in life right now! This is nothing to be afraid of. The Lord says do not be afraid. He will provide! This is something to be excited about! Rolling over in bed i cannot sleep because I have so much excitement on what God has planned out for my future! I’m not a bit worried because I know that God knows me better than I do, therefore he knows what’s best for me. Praise our Heavenly Father for giving us such peace and excitement for our futures!

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