The Bubble

Are you just disgusted with the world sometimes? Like the current popular music, clothing trends, and even language? Don’t you wish you could just be in a bubble with your own music (maybe some Mandisa and T-Mac), some modest clothing, and definitely sound proof so you can’t hear that nasty language going on around you!
We all are tempted by these things everyday. Sometimes its hard to not freak on the person who just cut you off. Or even change the radio station in your car when you have friends riding with you because they just might not be into your so-called “Godly” music.
We have all also gone through some really rough trials in life that we wish we could lock ourselves away in a bubble and prevent from happening again. None of us want to feel that pain, or even the drama trials sometimes bring.
What have we gotten out of all the trials and temptations? Maybe a little more faith that God can help us through it all? For some if us may be even a new perspective and way to life!
James 1:2-3 says to let our temptations and trials bring us joy because it is the testing of our faith. And what does testing your faith produce? Perseverance!
Now back to the whole bubble idea, when we were tested through trials and temptations, were we in a bubble? No, and look at the outcome! Look how much we progressed in our faith and grew in our relationships with Christ! If we were in a bubble, we simply could not endure and experience the hard times that really bring us closer the The Lord. Sure we would have our bibles to read, don’t get me wrong, reading scripture is a great way to learn and memorize it! But we still need to put it to use in the real world through our temptations and trials.

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