The Microwave Society

We live in a world where we want things fast. We want them now! With food,atms,Netflix ,microwaves this list goes on and on and on! Basically everything is revolved around fast.. When you go to a fast food restaurant you expect to get your order in, pay, and get your food in under 5 minutes (most of the time).That is fast for getting food. When your expectations are not reached, you get impatient. You get snappy with whoever is serving you, even if it isn’t their fault. I think everyone has done this at least once in their lives. Surely the name given to fast food is fast, however, sometimes there are some complications. Maybe you are waiting for a fresh burger, or fresh fries. Think about it though: if you were to be served a cold burger and cold fries, would you be very satisfied? So the waiting all pays off in the end doesn’t it?
When we pray and ask God things, we want answers. We want them now! Not in 20 minutes, not in 10 years, but now. We are impatient with God. Sometimes we even just give up on God ever answering a prayer. God will answer prayers in his time, not yours. We need to sit and continue to press into The Lord. We need to dig a little deeper and be a little more patient with God. After all, God is extremely patient with us because we sin. Patience comes with rewards, just like an enjoyable warm burger and warm fries. God will answer your prayer like you couldn’t even begin to imagine. So just sit tight and wait on The Lord.

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