I was thinking this evening about the next few weeks.. moving to college, leaving home, leaving friends, family, and church. It’s weird to think about. I remember always thinking how it was someone else’s turn to graduate, their time to move on to the next chapter of their lives, but now, it’s me.

Now is when I go to college and try to make all my dreams come true (with the help of God obviously and his guidance for my dreaming). What has been lingering in the back of my head is “is this it? Is this the end? Is whatever I chose to get further educated for going to determine my destiny? Is this the end of my dreaming days?”

That thought scares me. If I am anything, if we as people are anything, it’s a dreamer. We dream about things we would like to do with our lives, we dream big things. But does that change now that I am moving onto that next chapter and actually making one big dream come true?

After some serious thought, I decided that no, this is not the end of my dreaming days. Just because I am going to school to get more knowledge on one specific major, doesn’t change the course of the rest of my life. I can still dream to change the world, I can still dream to be a light unto the world through Christ, I can still dream that one day (God willing) I will be an amazing wife to an amazing husband. You see, we can still dream after pages turn and new chapters begin. God knows the desires of our hearts. He also knows the will He has planned for our lives. Sometimes dreams we have are actually God anointed too.

And you know what? Even if my dreams don’t come true, I know that God is still on control of my life. I know that if the dream didn’t come true, it just means God has another plan for me. Something better, something that will amaze me. Even if my dreams fail, God never will. His love will never give up and will never die. That’s the different between dreams, and God. Dreams come and go, dreams die and fade away, dreams have their spotlight when they come true and then disappear, but God… God is always here, God is alive in my life, He is living in me, and He never will leave me, nor forsake me.

That said, I’m still a dreamer, a believer. I beleive that Christ can redeem me from my broken dreams and make me new in Him, for I am His creation.

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