Be Still and Know He Is God

Today I was thinking about my future and the fact that I am going to have tons of dollars to pay back in student loans in a few years. How am I going to do all that? Where am I going to get that kind of money from? And after I graduate with my Bachelors Degree, what about Grad school? That’s going to cost me even more!

As I continued to think about this, a thought crossed my mind. If I transferred from the Private University I attend to the closest community college to my hometown, I would probably already have enough money saved up to pay for a full year of schooling. I would probably have little to no student loans, a definite job because I’ll be living at home and keep my position as a cashier, close to home, close to my home church, and many more benefits.

Sure, I love the University I attend, a lot actually. It feels like home when I am there. I’m learning a lot. I’ve made a ton of new friends. I even found a church to attend on a weekly basis and serve at. I have a small on-campus job and am content with that.

Not only that, but the University I attend has been my dream college for forever. So why would I give up the dream of attending it when God made that dream come true. There’s a fear that is in u heart. A fear of not having enough money to pay off my student loans and provide for a family that I one day hope to have.

Let’s take a look at this verse…

“For my God will meet all of your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus” – Philippians 4.19

In this verse it simply states that God will provide for me. He’s not going to just leave me hanging. He didn’t say “here’s your dream come true of attending your dream school. Have fun paying the loans!” No! Jesus is still guiding my life and He is still going to provide for me when this dream comes to an end and I graduate. He’s not just going to leave me hanging.

That’s the problem that we have. We get these dreams, these hopes, these “impossibles” that God finally answers and makes happen in our lives. But once we get into it and get our feet wet we get scared and back out. We make up all the excuses in the world to not continue with the blessing God has given us. But friends, let me tell you… there is no excuse, not one, that can convince God that what He has done in our lives is not what should have happened. Don’t let the fear of “not making it” hold you back from doing what God has placed in front of you. You only need to be still and know that He is God.

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