A Letter To My Mentor. . .

Dear Mentor (or should I say the one who has impacted my life the most)?,

It has occurred to me that since I have gone away to college I have neglected to tell/show you how much I really truly do miss you.

About three years ago we started our first Bible study together, Daniel by Beth Moore. And ever since then you have stuck by my side. In those times when I made decisions that you didn’t exactly agree with, you still loved me and pointed me in the right direction. In those times when I would text you five mixtures before our meetings “running late be there soon” you never gave up on me. Or when I didn’t always put my best effort into making sure my weekly homework was done, you still held hope that you were making a difference in my life.

When I came to you, I was broken and lost. I wasn’t sure what God had in store for me, I just knew that I needed to get closer to Him. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own and you were willing to help push me the direction I needed to go. I didn’t know what I wanted to study in college, I didn’t know that I needed to press into God and make Him the Lord of all aspects of my life (dating, friendships, school troubles, etc.), but you gave me the guidance I needed to give all of this to God.

Here I am, three years later attending the college of my dreams, studying everything that I believe God wants me to, and pursuing God like never before. I don’t know if I could say the same thing if God hadn’t bought you into my life.

As I think back there is so much I have learned from you. From Bible reading habits, to exercise habits, to Bible verses that you helped me learn. . . there is too much to name it all. One thing that I have always remembered that I shared with my friends when we are doing small Bible studies is “TNR PLA”  (tuner play) to help me remember Philippine 4:8 “Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, praiseworthy or excellent, think about such things”. This is how I conquer negative thoughts and have learned to stay positive even in the worse of situations.

The time you gave to me, the love of Christ you showed me, and the knowledge I have learned from you is indescribable. Not just anyone would have taken time out of their week, every week, for two years, to meet with me and push me towards Christ. You have been patient with me and worked with me so much. I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be who I am, or where I am, without you today.

This semester has really hit me hard how much I miss our Wednesday afternoon meetings and Starbucks. I miss learning from you while tackling a tough study. I miss saving things up to tell you each week because you listened to me about everything. Mostly, I miss the wisdom that you give to me.

The one thought that crosses my mind every Wednesday afternoon is “would I really be here without my mentor?” You will always be my mentor, whether we meet once a week, once every few months, or twice a year. The impact you have had on my life is IMG_4218irreplaceable and will remain in my heart forever. I thank you, dear mentor, for the time and effort you put into me and my spiritual growth. I have grown and learned so much in my faith all because you were on the sidelines cheering me along through it all. I love you dearly and am beyond blessed to have such a wonderful woman of God to look up to.

In His Grip,

The Mentoree That Will Never Leave,

JennyBushnell (no space for emphasis)

One thought on “A Letter To My Mentor. . .

  1. Heather Bodwell January 31, 2016 / 3:16 am

    My heart is overwhelmed. The joy that I have received from seeing you fall in love with Jesus and allowing Him to shape you and mold you into a beautiful woman of God is such a blessing to see. The gifts and talents that He has given you are maturing and blossoming. You are truly a gifted writer and musician. Your joy and delight and love of laughter is encouraging to all. I am truly humbled that God would use me to help to strengthen you . Much love dear mentoree, Heather

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